Off and Back On the Bandwagon

This past week I fell off the bandwagon a bit.  Actually, a little more than a bit and I feel a bit guilty about it.  Last weekend, as I noted earlier this week, I was away for a wedding.  After returning from weekends away, I tend to get lazy and go right to bed or turn on the TV. Which I did in this case.  Failing to go to the grocery store on Sunday evening led to slim pickings in the refrigerator. Couple that with a crazy work week and some evening commitments left little motivation and energy to pack lunch for work and I ended up spending about $60 frivolously on lunch, printing at FedEx, and a cab ride or two.  That $60 could have been used a lot more productively, either saved, put toward debt or put toward SF.  Alas I’m feeling regretful and disappointed in myself.  I need to get back on track and not let it happen again.  This is a feeling I will channel when I get lazy in the future.

That said, this weekend I’m getting back on the bandwagon.  I need to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of this week.

I didn’t go out last night, instead, I stopped at my favorite vegetable market on the way home from work and went for a run along the Hudson.  Stiles had some  prepackages on special for $1 each so I picked up two.  One had zucchini, tomatoes, onion and the other had some bell peppers and limes.


All this for $5!
All this for $5!

I also posted the open room in my apartment on Craigslist, and we were able to find a new one this morning.  There, feeling productive already!

We went grocery shopping followed by lunch on our patio from some of last nights purchases and some pantry/freezer foods.

Openfaced Tuna Melt with Salad
Openfaced Tuna Melt with Salad

The rest of my weekend is pretty much prepaid.  I found a $15 1 hour open margarita bar on Bloomspot which I’ll be attending with two friends tonight.  I’m going to walk to save money on transportation, and keep my drinking to the open bar portion of the evening.  (Seriously, margaritas have a lot of calories!)

Tomorrow I’m attending an alumni event, a tour of the Cloisters followed by brunch, a total of $24 which I paid for last month.

How am I doing on my budget otherwise?  I have about $155 left for the next two weeks.  I should be ok since I’ve already prepaid for my friend’s birthday celebration next weekend and with a stocked refrigerator and drinking the office coffee I should be able to manage!

Alright I’m off for another run along the Hudson, before prepping a Cinco de Mayo taco dinner!

Does anyone else feel guilty when they fall off the bandwagon?  How do you  find the motivation to get back on track? 


2 thoughts on “Off and Back On the Bandwagon

  1. Good on you for getting back on the bandwagon! Sounds like you are setting yourself up for a good week and you will feel well and truly back on track. I too had a FEW not so great budget weeks, I traveled interestate 3 weekends in a row for weddings and such, and found myself not making great decisions budget wise at the end of the weekends – aka, hungover and hungry on the way back home eating waaaaaayyy exxy airport food and buying magazines! Anyhoos, like you, I got back on track this week and actually paid off my first credit card debt! So here’s to geeting back on the band wagon and not letting a few slip up’s derail us totally! 🙂

    1. I’m determined to making it a better week! The good thing is my friends have been totally understanding and supportive about my situation so I don’t have to feel bad about turning down invites anymore. Sometimes I think you need to let yourself fall off track to remind yourself of why you’re doing this. Just like getting the partying out of your system when you’re young to settle down later on. Congrats on your big win this week! Keep going!

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