I Did Something Impulsive Today

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I impulsively paid off a credit card this morning…And it feels AMAZING.

Settling into a crazy week after a happy weekend celebrating my dear friend Stacy’s wedding has been somewhat depressing and I craved the high that I normally get from shopping.  After some morning meetings, I returned to my desk, looked to Learnvest for a little bit of financial inspiration, browsed my accounts and balances and saw that I had $275 in my SF account, and a $250 balance left on my MasterCard.  Figuring I won’t need the SF money for another month, I decided to transfer that money over and pay off the MC balance.  How’s that for a new Little Win!


4 thoughts on “I Did Something Impulsive Today

  1. Impulsive saving / bill payments is awesome. I still have a balance on my credit cards obviously, but when I buy something using the card, I pay the difference immediately plus some more. I usually put coffees on the card then pay $5 towards the bill, thus paying an extra few bucks against the principal and interest in addition to what I just racked up.

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