Little Wins


I recently had a boss that held monthly “little wins” meetings to build motivation while we worked toward a common goal of pleasing our client.  After my first month of keeping my budget, I’m starting to feel the withdrawal from shopping and going out for drinks and dinner, so celebrating “little wins” are going to play a role in getting me through this process.

Here are my little wins for this month: 

  1. One full month of no credit cards!
  2. Started my blog!
  3. Paid off my loan from Mom and Dad!  Total debt paid off this month =$2700
  4. Saved $200 toward my emergency fund and $276 toward San Francisco (more than half my plane ticket!)
  5. Started making extra money on the side

This month I feel a little bit short so I’m going to have to pull in and limit going out for the next few weeks.  Here is the breakdown of my April 15-May 15 budget:

  • April 15: 
    • Pay: $1413
    • Bills:
    • MasterCard: $337
    • Visa: $100
    • Discover: $80
    • Loan to Mom and Dad: $160
    • Dress Alterations: $56
    • Cell Phone: $60
    • Cable: $57
    • Electric: $25
    • Total Remaining: $538
  • April 30
    • Pay: $1425
    • Rent: $1100
    • Total Remaining: $250

Expenses I’ve budgeted for so far include $100 of copays, $100 for food, and $100 for a friends birthday to go wine tasting. I’ve also moved $125 into my SF fund. leaving me with $363 of discretionary money for the month.  It’s going to be tight!  But I think I can manage for the next few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Little Wins

  1. you have got some great ‘little wins’ going on there! Well done on paying off $2700 debt in 1 month – awesome effort. It’s really important to remind ourselves of the ‘little wins’ as you call them, to stay focused and motivated. And hold out buying those shoes we don’t rreeeaaalllllyyyy need 😉

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