Recap of Week #2

This week wasn’t as easy as last.  Last week I was motivated and excited, this week the reality of my temptation to spend is setting in and I’ve been more tempted to walk into stores and purchase.  I haven’t caved in though! Whenever I get this feeling I try to consciously replace that  energy with an image of one of my goals.  Becoming debt free is going to be a mental game that I play with myself similar to when I was training for my first half marathon.  Channeling that feeling of accomplishment and achievement gives me confidence that I will get there with just a little bit of patience.

I did well on day to day expenses.  I brought my lunch every day, did not order takeout, made some delicious “kitchen sink” salads on the days when I was very tempted.  I feel a little guilty about going out three nights this week but each night I tried to set a $20-$30 limit and make trade offs between drinks, cabs, and eating.  If I want to eat, then I don’t drink, or I walk home.

My weekend days were pretty successful, I was able to make it through the days without spending much.  On Saturday, it was a gorgeous spring day so my friend Kelly and I went for a run in Central Park.  A healthy, free way to pass some time.  I was starving on the way home and was tempted to stop for a slice of pizza (I purposely only brought $2 with me) but I stopped myself.  I made it through by only purchasing groceries which I had already budgeted for.  On Sunday, I enjoyed a nice Easter brunch at Hotel Chantelle which I had already budgeted for this month as well.

My absentmindedness did cost me some money this week though:

  • Monday Night Speed Dating: The event was free but I failed to bring cash.  There was a 2 drink minimum so I ended up with an extra drink that I wouldn’t have ordered.  That same night my friend Kelly and I stopped for pizza on the way home and there was a $5 card minimum.
  • Saturday Night: I realized I forgot my ID at home on the way to the bar resulting in an extra $14 cab ride and two wasted MetroCard swipes.

My remaining budgeted events for this pay period include: Bachelorette party (Budgeted: $150) and Food:  (Budgeted: $25).  After those two line items I should have a remaining $180 spending money until April 15th.  I’ve set a goal to have $100 of that left over by the time my next pay cycle starts and transfer that over to my discretionary savings account for San Francisco.  That should be attainable with food, most of my transportation, and next weekend’s social festivities already budgeted for.

Special thank you to those friends who have started reading my blog!  You’ve all been so encouraging and that makes me want to keep going.  So glad that many of you have found value and relevance to your own lives.  That was my goal!

I’d love to hear some feedback! What else should I add to these weekly recaps?


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