Drinking the Office Coffee

CoffeeI’m addicted to coffee.  I cannot function without it, a serious migraine will set in if I haven’t had my fix by noon.  A coffee cup with one of those little brown coffee sleeves is an accessory just like a cute pair of earrings or a bright colored handbag.  I grew up in a coffee-centric family.  I remember my mom loving coffee as I was growing up and at some point  switched to decaf for health reasons.  Family car trips would always start with a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Now that my sisters and I are older, one of my parents will wake up on Saturday morning and do a coffee run, not to one place, but to each person’s favorite coffee shop. My dad like’s Dunkin’s, and my sisters and I like the local bagel shop that has about 15 different flavors of iced coffee (I think it’s a New England thing).  But anyway, you get the picture.

In NYC, where you buy coffee is almost a status symbol.  As specialty coffee shops have been popping up all over the place, it’s not unusual to be judged based on where you grab your morning jolt.  If you can’t afford high end designer clothing, you can still spend about $3 on a designer cup of coffee to elevate your status.

Over the past couple weeks while I’ve looked for ways to replace certain habits with cheap alternatives.  My first switch (for which I named this blog) is making the change from buying coffee everyday,  to drinking the free Keurig pods in the office kitchen.  According to the Huffington Post American workers spend about $1100 a year on coffee (about $3/day) or $91/month.  I would estimate that I was spending slightly more, at $5/day, $150/month, about $1800 a year as some days would include a morning and afternoon cup.  That’s enough to rid myself of two debts!

How have I done so far?  Well, I’ve cut back significantly and have  managed to buy coffee just one day each week for the past two weeks.  Last week I was suffering from Starbucks withdrawal so I caved in but settled for a tall.  This morning was nice and sunny so I treated myself to an iced coffee but stopped and got a small from a coffee cart ($1.50 as opposed to the $2.75 at Gregory’s!)  I don’t feel like a part of myself is missing.  Instead, I’ve found that making my office coffee and drinking it from a coffee mug is a lot more cozy than drinking from a paper  or plastic coffee cup.  And much greener too!


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